There are no right or wrong choices; there areonly choices that support a coherent visionand those that don’t. 

As you walk the streets of your local city or town be on the watch for a nondescript, innocuous person with a camera. That photographer is looking for you and neither of you may even know it. The camera will likely be hard to spot, probably small, compact, possibly digital, maybe that mobile phone pointed in your direction right now. It will be hard to find this shadowy agent of art; he or she will deftly, adroitly, clandestinely have the camera out and the picture – your picture – captured before you can register the movement. If this sounds ambiguous and mysterious…

“Oh, this is the reason I labor each day and this is the joy of my tasks:  That deep in the envelope holding my pay is something that somebody asks.”

Excerpt From: Edgar Albert Guest. “All That Matters.” iBooks.  This material may be protected by copyright. Check out this book on the iBooks Store: Another Monday has arisen, a bleak Phoenix from embers of a weekend.  Caught again in the drudgery and toil I can but repeat the above mantra. Once more unto the breach, eh, and what rewards I receive I shall distribute.  Alas that it is never enough.