Despite appearances and the power of their egos, in a universe that is some thirteen billion years old, the secret-keepers are monkeys like the rest of us, flailing around for answers in the early years of the 21st century on a planet whose dominant trend is war.

– Robbie Graham, “The DeLonge Delusion: Part One

This article was found on The UFO Chronicles website.  All I can say about this sentence is that it started a Metallica riff in my head.  Y’all know the one:  “Sad but true …”

And all my austere nights of midnight oil, all the books I had read, all the wisdom I had gathered, went glimmering before the ape and tiger in me that crawled up from the abysm of my heredity, atavistic, competitive and brutal, lustful with strength and desire to outswine the swine. 

John Barleycorn by Jack London