This means that the true “believer” rises above dogmatic adherence to realize the soul of the hero – to “incarnate that soul” – in every aspect of their day-to-day life.

Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson


This topper spirit, yclept the Germanic racial inclination towards bibacity, this bragging of bibulous achievements, for which, as heroic deeds, admiration was exacted, were clearly remnants of the medieval temper, and were transmitted to modern times, although the present age has doubtless sobered down, even if, now and then, there is still something shown of this medieval awe and respect for the unsubdued knight of the bowl.

– Origin and History of Beer and Brewing by John P Arnold

This sentence is thronged with alliteration, commas, idioms and breathless, mellifluous vocabulary. Love it!

‘She was not conquered,’ he said; and he closed her eyes, and sat unmoving beside her as the night drew down.

The Silmarillion, JRR Tolkien

Perhaps not as heroic as Frodo's journey, nor as romantic as Aragon's and Arwen's, nor as majestic and legendary as Beren and Luthien; yet the tale of Hurin and Morwen has ever been the most beautiful in its tragedy for me. They fought and lost as so many did in Middle-earth and yet they are triumphant. I can only hope I am as victorious.