An Endless Loop

That’s the title of the EP from a band called The Kahless Clone.  Here’s the pertinent data:

Members: Vito Marchese An Endless Loop EP: Vito Marchese – Guitars, Zach Libbe – Electronic Drum Programming, Garry Naples – Drums, Andy Bunk – Bass, Ben Johnson – Keys

The music:  utterly, awesomely, beautifully cool. To be sure, I snatched up this EP because of the name, The Kahless Clone. Kahless isn’t just an average name, you know. There is but one place it could come from, Star Trek. And since I’m a Star Trek fan, well, I just had to have it. Of course, it may also prejudice me a bit towards the music.

It is dark, melancholy, bittersweet, a little unnerving – like the Wrath of Kahn mixed with The X-Files. Yes, the more I think about it this would be ideal theme music for Mulder and Scully. It also reminded me some of Ozric Tentacles or Liquid Tension Experiment, without the progressive constructions or technical awesomeness. Maybe some of the more somber aspects of Pelican. Atmospheric, powerful music.

The songs are, as already noted melancholy, but mixed with felicity. It’s all instrumental but still manages to paint a portrait of whatever sorrow and joy you’re feeling at the moment. So-and-so’s guitar work does the most work in these sonic portraits. The piano/keyboard contributes a cool sci-if flair; honestly, it made me think of Tron in a few places. There are some well placed guitar/drum crescendoes.

It is definitely a cohesive musical piece. The same morose notes and motifs waft through every song. My thoughts: qap’la! Seriously, what did you expect?

Thanks to Clawhammer PR for making this available.  I’ve had the music for a couple of months now and finally got around to jotting down some notes on it.


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