“Oh, this is the reason I labor each day and this is the joy of my tasks:  That deep in the envelope holding my pay is something that somebody asks.”

Excerpt From: Edgar Albert Guest. “All That Matters.” iBooks. 

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Another Monday has arisen, a bleak Phoenix from embers of a weekend.  Caught again in the drudgery and toil I can but repeat the above mantra. Once more unto the breach, eh, and what rewards I receive I shall distribute. 

Alas that it is never enough. 


We never learn, we never change, we only get older and stay in the dark. 

“Burn Me Up,” by Alejandra O’Leary and the Champions of the West

This single was released today.  O’Leary and her Champions have an interesting sound, a magical confluence of old rock and roll, ala the late 50s maybe, and modern pop/rock.  It’s new vintage and terribly intriguing.  The rhythm is straight forward, nothing complicated  but not boring, and O’Leary’s vocals are dreamy, to be sure.  Surprisingly enjoyable.  

Check it out here:  Burn Me Up

The record is Heartspace Timepiece; cool retro sci-fi like name, superb sound.