The Nineteenth

It began early with Bowflexercise
Tuning the torso, calves and thighs
A morning meal of coffee and egg whites
A kiss and words of goodbye
Then through the cold I had to drive

I occupied my chilly chair
Began reports on yesterday’s affairs
Sidelined by a blokes IT cares
After consulting, his tablet’s halfway there

A manual of operation was sought
I looked and looked, and it was for naught
Whence I returned – conference call
Units were needed – we needed them all

Back to the floor I took myself
Seeking tooling on the shelves
Found one hidden by Vulcan elves
The other is quite inoperative

The woe of being in arrears
Fade as my wife descants in my ear
For an auditor I stated some fears
All the while performing for overseers

But I needed to eat a burrito
And Gmail therapy with an amigo
Entered material, row after row
Seemed like time for my lunch to go

And then I kinda lost track of time
I just know sweet tea showed up …


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