Thought and Durability

Lost at sea
Lost in thought
Thought less of
Thought I knew
Knew the way
Knew my place
Place last
Place of solitude
Solitude is a fortress
Solitude is a cabin
Cabin fever
Cabin for Thoreau
Thoreau the idealist
Thoreau had competence
Competence eludes me
Competence is fleeting
Fleeting days
Fleeting hope
Hope doesn’t spring
Hope gives strength
Strength under pressure
Strength revealed in fire
Fire in the deep
Fire in the eyes
Eyes on the prize
Eyes are a window
Window inside
Window shattered
Shattered life
Shattered mirror
Mirror off the wall
Mirror of words
Words in cadence
Words on a page
Page after page
Page the doctor
Doctor my soul
Doctor of
Of a kind
Of a persuasion
Persuasion persuades
Persuasion sways
Sways in a storm
Sways under test
Test the mettle
Test the durability
Durability endures
Durability defines


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