Presence in life

A broken man
A forgotten presence
Prescience is earned
Presence is requested
Requested equals wanted
Requested conversation
Conversation in depth
Conversation in jest
Jest is the shield
Jest to deflect
Deflect attention
Deflect their affection
Affection becomes uncomfortable
Affection engenders guilt
Guilt is my shadow
Guilt regarding failure
Failure overrides confidence
Failure, the long shadow
Shadow of the broken man
Shadow of darkness
Darkness like a porter
Darkness in the heart
Heart softened with time
Heart broken by time
Time is a gauntlet
Time breaks everyone
Everyone who hopes
Everyone who loves
Loves faces and places
Loves feeling useful
Useful to no one
Useful to nothing
Nothing is the future
Nothing is my destiny
Destiny mocks us all
Destiny is illusion
Illusion and delusion
Illusion is a solace
Solace denies me
Solace is broken
Broken by madness
Broken into pieces
Pieces of a life
Pieces of history
History tells the story
History colors the life
Life will persist
Life will confound


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