Journal 11

Perhaps I should include gratitude comments in this journal, too. I’ve been reading alot about keeping a gratitude journal on Cool stuff. Let us experiment.

  • Thank you wife for cash to buy coffee and cinnamon roll this morning
  • Thank you Maverik for the coffee and cinnamon roll
  • Thank you car for starting (both of them)
  • Then I got to work
  • But, hey, thank you job for existing and paying me
  • Ran some production reports
  • Conducted a flow audit
  • Analyzed a couple of discrepancies
  • Created a new spreadsheet for a particular production step
  • Did a physical count of tires to verify we have enough to finish the month and shutdown for a week and half (can’t wait for that!)
  • Reviewed my To-Do list
  • Entered a requisition for transmission fluid
  • Searched for a binder holder that can be mounted on a desk
  • Requested some final invoices for capital projects to close out the year
  • Thanks for the daily text
  • Tried to get a non-compliance fee charged to a vendor reversed
  • Began a purchasing survey from corporate (shudder)
  • Sorted through email
  • I think I’m getting WorkADD again, need to set timer
  • Coordinated the installation of some fork lift attachments
  • Joined a conference call
  • Went to lunch after reading an annoying article
  • Responded to emails
  • Reviewed production plans for January
  • Ran some open PO reports
  • Updated el project list
  • Prepared some delivery notes for shipments on Monday
  • Updated some usage calculations
  • Requested some No Smoking signs
  • Started an email program archive but it’s not done yet and I’ve gotta go so I’ll check it in the morn …

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