Journal 10

I have skipped a few days. This is informative. The days have been packed and have distracted me. They have also been frustrating and aggravating and journalizing would doubtless have helped.

  • Had two extra cups of coffee this morning
  • Drove to work
  • Ran production reports
  • Started seriously thinking about year end shut down
  • Analyzed the numbers to make sure we’ve got enough tires to finish the month
  • Conferred with production manager on shut down
  • Discussed some start up options
  • Audited the flow
  • A piece of equipment that’s been down for months is finally operating
  • Discussed what to use it for until the end of the week
  • Sorted through email
  • Prepared a returns shipment
  • Shipped an erroneous package to its proper consignee
  • Prepared another return delivery, our normal route to a material supplier
  • Reviewed production
  • Checked in tires
  • Verified a tire order
  • Participated in a conference call
  • Followed up on some projects
  • Had lunch
  • Ran some domestic errands
  • Made out POs for next year
  • Attended a capital budget meeting
  • Discussed this year’s capital issues after said meeting
  • Did a mini-audit of the flow
  • Researched some parts
  • Checked in some tires
  • Took right off …

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