Journal 9

Behold, it is Thursday. I have gained a headache. Lovely. At least I have access to an Excedrin dealer here at work.

  • Ran production reports
  • Had long discussion with production manager about tires from last night
  • Verified some machine serial numbers
  • Took pictures of a thermostat that’s not working
  • Showed the universal waste collectors where our waste was at so he could, you know, collect it all
  • Emailed said pictures
  • Updated Projects list
  • Ran PO reports
  • No one here knows that nothing is local so I get asked to go find stuff locally that isn’t here
  • Took a PC for possible repair
  • Delivered some batteries to an associate
  • Searched our lovely town for some inserts and bottoming taps. No success.
  • Had more discussion about above parts
  • Checked in tires
  • Audited the flow
  • Went through email and added detail some requisitions
  • Sorted through a bunch of fuses
  • Made a list of these fuses
  • Drank tea from Sonic
  • Reviewed some parts that just arrived
  • Reviewed Projects list
  • Deleted some junk email
  • Sigh O Nora …

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