Journal 8

Well, completely missed the entry yesterday. That about sums up how ridiculous the day was.

Today is not boding well.

  • Set coffee last night so I was able to have a cup as I stumbled around this morning
  • Got to work, ran my usual production reports
  • Audited the flow
  • Checked in tires
  • Updated my Current Projects sheet
  • Entered a requisition
  • Asked plant manager to review all the req’s already in the system
  • Found out our other car didn’t start again this morning
  • Checked in more tires
  • Reviewed tires in process
  • Gotta run to the house, pick up the wife
  • Took her to work
  • Borrowed a battery charger
  • Rockin’ Joe Satriani Radio on Pandora
  • Handled some To-Do List items
  • Called for some pricing
  • Looked up parts information
  • Called a vendor to coordinate a hazardous material pickup
  • Verified hazmat items for pickup
  • Spoke to HVAC vendor regarding some quotes
  • Coordinated the handling of some expired materials
  • Scanned some old papers
  • Coordinated goods receiving personnel schedule for the week of our shutdown
  • Scanned a data report for a vendor
  • Local sign guy came by to number our fork lifts
  • Called corporate production scheduler to discuss some customer requirements
  • Went through email and filed/responded
  • Organized and labelled parts
  • Checked in tires
  • Audited the flow
  • Still got questioned about it
  • Checked in tires
  • Straightened the desk
  • Had quite enough …

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