Journal 6

The day began early again.

But it is Monday.

  • Chrysler wouldn’t start
  • Had to jumpstart it twice
  • Drove it around for about 10 minutes
  • Parked it in garage for the wife and kids
  • Got to work 40 minutes later than I wanted
  • Ran production reports
  • Did a quick flow audit
  • Checked up on some orders
  • Entered more requisitions for next year’s POs
  • Took a test to recertify
  • Inventoried operating supplies
  • Checked in some tires
  • Went through my email
  • Sourced a high temp water filter for production manager
  • Checked in tires
  • And then came the time to eat lunch
  • Organized parts
  • Updated production summaries
  • Updated projects list
  • Entered the last of next year’s req’s
  • Called to have some empty drums picked up
  • Entered more requisitions
  • Audited the flow
  • Verified part numbers on some fasteners
  • Printed parts labels
  • Researched some part numbers
  • Cleaned out the rest of my email
  • Entered material into the computer

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