• Came in early and checked in tires
  • Coordinated an expedited delivery
  • Ran production reports
  • Performed a process/flow audit
  • Checked in more tires
  • Requested an RMA
  • Prioritized a customer for processing
  • Processed some POs
  • Took an item off of my current project list and updated some others
  • Checked in more tires
  • Entered a huge requisition
  • Checked off a couple of items on my To-Do list
  • Signed for a paint delivery
  • Talked to some vendors – about work related things and home brewing
  • Did more tires and put them away neatly
  • Audited the process again
  • Helped a department stage their tires
  • Went through email
  • Made labels for parts bins
  • Audited the flow
  • Listened to … well, never mind

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