The Four Color Pen

Remember these pens?

In junior high I thought these were the pinnacle of technology. Four colors – in one pen? Jammin’ on the one!

I just downloaded the app Papers for my iPad. Using the stylus my wife bought me I can write and take notes. Sketching would be an option if I was any kind if sketcher. Interestingly, multiple colors are available on the iPad handwriting app, too, not to mention the highlighting function within iBooks.

Despite technological advances, even in the realm of handwriting, this quad-tinctured pen still seems cool. Is it a retro, nostalgic feeling that translates into “cool” in my brain? Is it also the touch screen Star Trek-ness of the iPad that translates into “cool” in my brain.

(Oh, hey, Captain Kirk also used a stylus).

I think there are more finger movements involved in selecting the colors on the iPad than there is in manipulating a colored slider on the pen. I just can’t decide which I like better. Do I really need to decide? Isn’t that need to make a better/worse call a product of our marketing manipulated corporate society?

At any rate, these pens are still a lot of fun. I wonder if refills are still available?

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