Grind Slave

Grind Slave

Sinus medicine wore off in hour and a half and headache returned Started cleaning coffee pot and was dragged into schedule discussion Discussed materials with another guy in break room
Reviewed forklift repairs
Ran production reports
Reviewed how hot tires are moving through process
Helped receiving do their job
Was told of two new tire sizes that are ready to go into production Discussed staffing due to improved curing process
Printed production summaries
Ran out of paper
Walked the floor and got harassed for tooling changes and green tire inventories Had long discussion with a long-time employee about current state of staff Attended conference call
Visited with wife
Analyzed production
Found new queries to use to do so
Took forever to figure out queries
Agonized over writing the schedule
Finally wrote it and distributed it
Went to pick up supplies in town
Called IT guy about some SAP issues
Can’t remember anymore
Gave up, went home


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