I, Grinder

I, Grinder

Woke up with headache
Read Bible for about twenty minutes
Visited with family
Went to work
One department was out of necessary blades
Showed them where my stash was
Ran production reports
Computer was sluggish
Walked the floor – no emergencies yet
Updated material usage numbers
Conferred with local supplier and deferred some tire shipments Entered steel braided hose requisitions
Held scheduling meeting
Wrote schedules
Met with production team leader to discuss delivery
Distributed schedules
Analyzed month’s production versus plan
Set up some return deliveries for our raw mat containers
Also set up delivery for some scrap material
Continued production analysis
Ordered some parts
Reviewed task/project list
Followed up on some orders
Went to lunch

Shipped a part out for calibration
Created several POs
Updated task/project list
Missed final balance meeting
Surveyed forklift damage
Conferred with shipping department on the best way to fix the lifts Ended up going to Napa for a radiator hose
Ordered an ignition switch online
Sent shipping info to a vendor
Sent an order in for a “stash” of blades
Added to my task list
Updated a vendor profile in our system
Update PO pricing
Entered requisitions


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