The Grind

Started one of many production reports
Cleaned coffee pot
Ran second production report
Walked the floor and ignored as many people as possible
Found out local restaurant forced our HR to pay for her lunches/dinners even though we had already discussed doing it next day

Held production scheduling meeting
Attended conference call
Had thirty minute informal production review
Met with vendor for monthly supply order
Had to take some spacers to local machine shop
Wrote schedules – after a painstakingly long time
Distributed schedules
Went to lunch
Managed to understand some goal-reaching issues
Spoke to Fed Ex about some package
Obsessed more over schedules
Began reviewing purchasing punch list
Requisitioned a few things
Had one of our trailers moved
Placed a few orders
Researched depth gauges
Updated task lists
Waited to get picked up
Experienced Excel issues, probably lost some work

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