Martin Moretto Quintet

Just loved this CD.  I’ve refused, so far, to put it into my endless stack of other compact discs because I do not wish to have to go digging for it later on.  I want it available at any time.

Martin Moretto is an Argentine guitarist.  His quintet is comprised of:

  • Bill McHenry, tenor sax
  • Phil Markowitz, piano
  • Santi Debriano, bass
  • Vanderlei Pereira, drums
  • Martin Moretto, guitar

It’s beautiful jazz music.   The sax, bass and piano provide the intimacy and conversational interaction of a trio.  Moretto’s guitar adds some Latin overtones to each composition.  McHenry’s sax and Moretto’s guitar are the stars of this CD, sometimes conversing, sometimes reciting.  I would have appreciated a little more accent on the drums which would have really drawn out the Latin flavor that’s inside each song.  But, Moretto’s guitar brings it out occasionally.


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