Emmet Cohen – In The Element

Emmet Cohen‘s trio put together some intelligent original songs and a few standards.  The CD, which is his debut, is called In The Element.  Cohen is the pianist of the the trio and is joined by Joe Sanders on bass and drummer Rodney Green.

At 21, he’s already accumulated awards and accolades and the music on this CD is evidence why.  It’s beautiful stuff.  This is jazz that does not force you to take notice of it, but intrigues you until you do.  It’s feel-good music, the piano is a delight.  Sanders and Green are so perfectly balanced with the piano on all these songs it’s hard to remember they’re just a trio; it sounds like an ensemble at times, though remaining personal as a trio should.

There’s no exuberance of youth on display here, either.  It’s mature arrangements, subtle and subdued harmonies.  The music speaks for itself; it swings, it stirs, it’s intelligent, lyrical precise.  Cohen has all the elements on display here for a magnificent sounding trio whose music is discerning and approachable.


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